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The first dinner I cooked in Hood River was, oddly enough, in the kitchen that became Nora’s Table. Jean Vercillo owned it then, and she was just serving breakfast and lunch. So I asked, “Could I do some prix fixe dinners on Friday nights?”

And we did, over four glorious months, in the summer of 2003. Nights of burnt fingers, broken sauces, and revelation. At 9:00 each Friday, I handed out lyric sheets, pushed the play button on an old boom box, and we’d all sing “That’s Amore!” along with Dean Martin. Those four course dinners were $25.

Then came Viento in 2005, and Nora’s Table in 2007. And now I’m a recovering restaurant owner. But the intense pleasure of those Friday night dinners has never dimmed. After we sold Nora’s Table two years ago, I kept thinking about them.

But they needed a home. And we’ve found one: the lovely wisteria-laced arbor and kitchen at Husum Riverside B&B.

Once a month, they’ll host our Supper Club, four courses, no peeking. You’ll get a theme, of course, but no menu, giving me the chance to prowl my farmer’s fields for what’s best.

Here’s the upcoming schedule:

June: Nearly Summer Icons / June 16th and 17th
July: New Mexico by Moonlight / July 7th and 8th
August: A Classic Night at a Steak House / August 4th and 5th
September: Growing up on Grandma Rose’s Farm / September 8th and 9th
Tickets are released about a month before each dinner. To purchase, visit the Husum Riverside B&B web site,, and click on the word “reservations” at the home page.





Actual dinner plate left by a Nora's diner.
Actual dinner plate left by a Nora’s diner.

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