Dinner with Friends

Here’s where I want to go now:  your house. Or some place really interesting and … out there. We once did a pop-up dinner on a full-moon night inside the Stonehenge replica at Maryhill. Dessert was beignets with chocolate and caramel sauces at midnight.

Pick a night, we’ll recruit 10-12 diners, and I’ll cook for you. You get two free tickets for hosting at your home or boat dock.

Check out the “Upcoming Dinners” tab
to schedule a dinner or buy a ticket

And it’s pretty simple. Four courses, $60 a person. We clean up; guests bring their own beer or wine.

Yes, I’ll travel, within reason. Me, my knives, and the food. I no longer own a catering van, grills, chafing dishes, linens, wine glasses, propane tanks, coffee makers, 50 sets of salt and pepper shakers, 8 parking tickets, flatware or plates. For which I am eternally grateful. I’m happy to help you plan for what you will need for your dinner, however.

What’s for dinner? I get excited about cooking what’s fresh and local, and I’m not trying to be coy, but I’d rather not say. Yes, if you would prefer vegetarian or vegan, or are allergic to shell fish, we can do that. And I can accommodate most guests’ dietary restrictions, if I know in advance.

But just to give you a nibble, here’s a recent summer dinner we prepared:

  • Grilled flatbread, heirloom tomato and torpedo onion jam, duo latte cheese, basil ribbon
  • Chilled grape gazpacho, blue cheese crema
  • Hand-made pappardelle pasta, applewood smoked bacon, chanterelle mushrooms, newborn carrots, squash and artichokes, allepo pepper, grana padana
  • Blackberry hand pies,  black pepper juniper gelato

Ready? Call me at 541-386-8870.

Actual dinner plate left by a Nora's diner.
Actual dinner plate left by a Nora’s diner.

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